Assembly Services

Our certified technicians have been trained to handle commerical-grade and consumer-grade products, and will be able to get many goods done in minimal time, saving you money.

Equipment Swapout

Is your business ready to upgrade your gym or office to the newest models or versions of all your tools? From treadmills to computers, desks to projectors, we can get it all done effortlessly.

Relocation and More

Our number one goal when handling your companies goods is to ensure there is as little downtime as possible when relocating within your facility or moving to a new location alltogether.

Large Scale Projects

We're no strangers here at Absolute Logistics & Assembly when it comes to business projects. No matter what you need to accomplish, from setting up a new office to upgrading all of your gym's outdated equipment, we can get you helped out from start to finish, including planning.

We know getting ready for a new project can be overwhelming, so we want to help you out. Send a call or email in our direction and we can help you with all the details including pricing, planning, duration and time frames.

Absolute Logistics & Assembly was built on efficiency. We learned that being capable of performing tasks at not only a quicker pace with better results would allow us to succeed as a business, so we focused our training towards learning to work at peak performance as efficiently as possible.

From our studies, we've concluded that our technicians succeed and work best when tasked with a larger project. By seperating and assigning work to a team with each member posessing different and specific skills, we are able to get work done in the quickest way possible with everyone working to their strengths.

Regardless of the project size, our technicians can get your project completed and getting started is as simple as making a phone call or writing an email. We can help you take your business further.


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