Jan Broberg

Author, Advocate, Trainer

From Victim to Victory

Jan has lived through everything she shares and her telling of her harrowing experience of kidnapping, brainwashing, rape, physical and mental torture as a young child and planned suicide affirms our indomitable spirit to overcome the worst life has to offer so that we can move on to live our best lives. Jan’s success as a working actress in the rough world of Hollywood is proof that dreams really do come true; that no matter what happens to us, it doesn’t have to define us.

Jan on Dr. Phil

Jan has shared her story and book, Abducted in Plain Sight, on the Dr. Phil Show, she has been interviewed by Dan Abrams and Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, she’s appeared on ABC News as well as on radio, and has been interviewed by many newspapers. She has spoken before groups of police officers, therapists, school administrators and counselors, and many other groups and communities. Jan shares her story and how she has overcome everything that’s happened to get to where she is today.